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What is the use of polypropylene elastic yarn, and in which areas is it generally used?

The main use of polypropylene elastic yarn is to make carpets, decorative cloths, furniture cloths, various ropes, ribbons, fishing nets, linoleum, building reinforcement materials, packaging materials and industrial cloths, such as filter cloths and bag cloths. In addition, it is widely used in clothing. It can be blended with a variety of fibers to make different types of blended fabrics. After knitting, it can be made into shirts, outerwear, sportswear, socks, etc.

The quilt made of polypropylene hollow fiber is light, warm and elastic. Can be pure-spun or blended with wool, cotton or viscose to make a variety of clothing. It can be used for weaving various knitted products such as socks, gloves, sweaters, knitted pants, dishwashing cloth, mosquito net cloth, quilts, warm padding, wet diapers, etc.
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