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Exports of household products such as bedding and curtains fell

Analysis of domestic textile exports in the first three quarters

In the first three quarters of this year, the export of home textiles turned to decline, mainly affected by the weakening demand of the US and European markets, while other markets basically remained stable.

Cumulative exports turned upward to downward

Exports of household products such as bedding and curtains fell

From January to September, China's exports of home textile products were 24.78 billion US dollars, slightly down 0.23 percent year on year. Since the second quarter, the cumulative growth rate of home textile export decreased month by month, and the cumulative export in September for the first time turned up to decline.

In terms of specific products, the export of bed products, curtains and other household products declined significantly, driving the overall export decline, down 4.4% and 14.1% respectively; Exports of items that can be used outdoors, such as table cloths, kitchenware and blankets, grew faster, by 17.3%, 14.1% and 9.6% respectively, but the cumulative growth rate was slower than the previous month. Exports of towels, carpets and other decorative goods maintained a modest growth of between 0.3% and 6%.

Higher prices are supporting exports

Exports are on a downward trend

In the first nine months of this year, the export unit price of other categories of products maintained growth, except for kitchen goods, which fell by 6.2 percent. Among them, the export unit price of curtains and carpets increased faster, 10.3% and 10.5% respectively, while the export unit price of bed products, blankets and other categories maintained a small increase, with an increase of between 1% and 5%.

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