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Zhejiang Zhuji Datang Dabao Chemical Fiber Co., LTD polypropylene stretch yarn Introduction:

Zhejiang Zhuji Datang Dabao Chemical Fiber Co., LTD polypropylene stretch yarn Introduction:

Polypropylene elastic yarn is divided into: polypropylene medium elastic yarn and polypropylene low elastic yarn, polypropylene plus elastic yarn.
Polypropylene elastic yarn/polypropylene elastic yarn/polypropylene low elastic yarn, polypropylene elastic yarn: specifications 30D-300D colored polypropylene yarn.

Zhuji Datang Dabao Chemical Fiber Factory mainly produces and operates: elastic filament polypropylene elastic filament polypropylene gloves gloves pp elastic filament pp elastic filament polypropylene filament polypropylene filament polypropylene filament.

Zhuji Datang Dabao Chemical Fiber Factory, founded in 1995, is located in the beautiful Xishi hometown, "China sock town" - Zhuji Datang Town. Now has a POY filament production line, supporting 473B type loading machine, ankonylon coated yarn, high-speed image rib machine and other production equipment, is a diversified manufacturer. Our factory focuses on the production and research of polypropylene stretch yarn, polypropylene elastic yarn, polypropylene bamboo charcoal yarn, polypropylene DTY yarn, polyester stretch yarn, porous yarn, polypropylene yarn, polypropylene bamboo charcoal yarn and other products, mainly used in socks wrist guard, kick guard, headwear, sweater, woven fabric, gloves, underwear and so on.

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